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Our Approach

Comprehensive Business Coaching

  • We organize off-site open invitation programmes for pastors, church leaders, church staff and volunteers
  • We organize closed workshops and seminars for selected churches
  • We provide on-site specified services for churches on request
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  • We present our consulting ministry profile to the local church leadership for consideration
  • The church leadership makes a formal request to us for our services
  • We do a PowerPoint presentation on the conceptual framework to the church leadership and team
  • We discuss with the church leadership and agree on the services required and associated cost centers
  • The church leadership completes a Consultancy Agreement Form to sanction the execution of the requested services.
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Consulting Process

  • We apply the iterative process of engaging the church leadership or team through dialogue, presentations, prescriptions, implementation, and follow-ups
  • We hold our maiden meeting with the church leadership or team to establish the objectives and ground rules for the consultancy
  • We periodically hold other meetings as a monitoring and feedback mechanism
  • We deal with each local church as being unique and different from others and therefore guide them to decide the best course of action for them.
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  • We present a formal report on our services provided to the church leadership
  • We organize periodic visits to the church to follow up on the implementation of our prescriptions by the church leadership
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